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Let's start with a personal story.  A while back one of our patient's cars did not start for some unknown reason. He personally thought it was the starter after a few possibilities were ruled out.  So he ran to a local auto parts store and bought the best quality starter available.  After four hours of hard labor, he finally got the starter in.  He was so happy and proud that he did the work himself and saved some money by not taking the car to an expert.  Guess what?  The car did not start and he was back to square one.  He spent over $250 on the starter and four hours of his precious time.  And now he needed to spend another two hours to take out the starter so he could get a refund from the auto parts store.  To make a long story short, he thought he knew what the problem was.  Finally, he called the Auto Club to tow his car to a mechanic.  When the mechanic took a look at his car, he simply explained that there was a hidden fuse under the starter. The part cost only $5 and it would take less than five minutes to exchange it.  The total cost was only $20.

This is how it is when a patient is in pain.  They try to do research online or consult a medical book or health newsletter and try to diagnose their own problem.  The next thing they do is  run to a local drug store and get some medications or supportive products to make them feel better.  After a few days, they are back to square one.

If our patient had taken his car to a mechanic in the first place, he would have saved a few hundred dollars along with six hours of hard and dirty work.  Most important of all, down time is extremely costly.  His desire to be a mechanic cost $550.  It will never hurt or cost to talk to an expert about your condition in this clinic.  Dr. David is all ears.  Don't try to be your own mechanic like one of our patients did.  Reading a few pages from an outdated medical book or a few top links from an internet search will bring more harm than good.  A little knowledge can be worse than none at all.  Let our expertise work for you.  Remember, the "Shortest Cut is the Longest".  We are not the cheapest, but why would you risk your health/pain for the sake of saving little money?  We are not the cheapest but we take pride in what we do!  Please feel free to give us a call for an in office consultation.  909-979-1868 or 626-921-6824 or

Finishing these forms will save you about 15 minutes and have your insurance coverage verified ahead of time (if needed) will eliminate surprises.  Remember consultation in this clinic is always free.