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Dr. David has been a Martial Arts instructor since he was 17 years old.  He had taught from elementary to high school students.  He also instructed college students from Cal-Poly Pomona along with University of La Verne.  After he finished his degree from Cal-Poly Dr. David was hired by the First Interstate Bank (now called Wells Fargo) to teach Martial Arts and Self-Defense for the executives in downtown Los Angeles.

Dr. David Phan 

Here is one of Dr. David's former instructors Review on Yelp:
I have known Dr. Phan since he was a high school student and he is one of the most fantastic, dynamic, generous, integrity filled persons I have ever known.  When I think of balance I think of Dr. Phan.  Since his youth he has always managed to effectively balance his goals with his other endeavors.   Many reading this may not know Dr. Phan is a very accomplished Tae Kwon Do Black belt.  When in high school and Chiropractic College, he balanced his academic goals with teaching Martial Arts to Inner city at risk youths.  As a very young man he could connect with his students in a way others could not.  He gained the respect of many very challenging young adults and was instrumental in refocusing the course of their lives.  It is important to note his charity was not just one or two students... but hundreds.

When I read the input in Yelp over and over I see the words "he is patient, he listens to me, he took his time."  That is Dr. Phan all the way.  He was the same way with his at risk martial arts students.  Another of his phenomenal qualities is he has never stopped learning.  He actively seeks out knowledge aggressively.  Dr. Phan sets himself on the cutting edge of chiropractic, holistic, and alternative medicine.  He is a true student of these arts.  I would never think about going anywhere else for my internal and external medical needs.  My bet is he will remain this way forever.

In his outside life his is a generous, charitable, compassionate man who will just about do anything for anybody.  

Dr. Phan's website: is very useful and informative.  I immediately was drawn to the section "Unique Stretching."  (When Dr. Phan was in my martial arts program many years ago he was nick named "The Rubber Band" for his extreme flexibility.  He know his stuff.  I check back once a month, there is a lot of good information  His insight about exercise broadened my personal horizons...not all exercises are correct for everybody.  I think we all need to take this into consideration.  

I am much older than Dr Phan, but I often call upon his advice.  As a business man he seizes  the newest technology and in a nanosecond he masters it.  He is a true hero of mine!  Dr. Phan rocks!

Grandmaster Jon Wiederman!

Dr. David and his students

Dr. David is still active in teaching Martial Arts especially for his two children age 8 and 10.  He is dedicated two nights a week to train them as he did when he was a young man.  His teaching to his children is not about fighting but rather an intense training to prepare for life.  Hard work and discipline is what he emphasizes on.  With his busy working schedule he still allocate some time for his community.  He is currently teaching for First Evangelical Church of Diamond Bar on Sundays and the classes are completely free of charge.  Due to his special interest and understanding of Martial Arts common injuries, he attracts both the amateur and the professional fighters.  He has professional fighters from the UFC and other fighting federations. 

Dr. David is a great Martial Arts instructor not for his physically gifted talents, but he respects the Martial Arts traditions as well infusing his scientific knowledge from exercise physiology, anatomy along with human mechanics to enhance his students' development.  He is a true gentleman outside and a warrior inside.  There is an old saying in his clinic.  "He can hurt you with his right hand and heal you with his left hand".