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What people are saying about Dr. David Phan.....

5 StarStar

My boyfriend and I were involved in a car accident about a month ago. We were both in pain immediately following the accident and tried to look for a chiropractor online.

Since it was the weekend we had a really difficult time looking for a chiropractor available. As soon as we found one that would take us in we went for our first visit and also come to find out to be our last. After receiving our first treatment we both had an uneasy feeling that he wasn't someone who could really treat our pain and was only trying to get money out of us. We didn't feel any ease of pain from his treatment so we searched for a different chiropractor with credibility and from reviews of what we had read online.

Luckily we had found Dr. Phan on Google and we read his reviews, which were excellent responses from valued patients. We made an appointment and during the first visit, I immediately knew and felt that Dr. Phan was a genuine person who really wanted to help my boyfriend and I through the tough situation we were going through because of the car accident.

His deep tissue massages for my neck pains were lessening and so was my boyfriend's back pains from the muscle spasms/aches he was experiencing. He assured us being that his treatment was very effective. Laying in his massage therapy bed for 30 minutes is also very relaxing.

Dr. Phan treated us to his fullest potential and was very effective on our pains. I felt very comfortable being under his care and expertise. He is a very reliable and honest person to talk to. He always makes you feel welcome and treats you as a friend more than a patient. My boyfriend and I were really lucky to come across Dr. Phan because he has truly helped us through a lot during the times we have received treatment from him. I definitely recommend him before any other chiropractor.

Hannah K.

5 StarStar

My girlfriend and I were recently involved in a car accident. I was rear ended and my car was sandwiched and totaled. We both needed a chiropractor to give us treatment and help us recover.

Immediately after the accident, we went to a chiropractor I found online. I could tell immediately after the first visit with him that he was a crook. I knew I needed to find someone who could help me and was not in it for just the money.

That's when I found Dr. Phan and he turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.  His treatments started to ease my back pains ad my girlfriends neck pains within the first couple sessions. I later learned that I suffered a fractured a bone in my spine. Dr. Phan took care of me properly and I continued to receive treatment until the symptoms subsidized.

My treatment consisted of 30 minutes of personal time with Dr. Phan, where he would do deep massages and adjust neck/spine then you would have 30-45 minutes on a heated massaged bed, where you can easily take a power nap. He's an honest man and works with integrity. His cheerful attitude made every visit a pleasant one. I can honestly say that he doesn't treat you as a patient/money tree but more of a friend or family member. I would highly recommend Dr. Phan to anyone who is in need of a Chiropractor.

Chris K.

5 StarStar
My wife was suffering from a severe shoulder and upper back injury and was in excruciating pain for two months. I searched carefully (reading reviews online) for a chiropractor that could alleviate her pain and correct the injury as quickly and accurately as possible... I found that chiropractor on my first try.

Dr. David Phan is an expert chiropractor and wellness coach. You will know this within a very short time of just talking with him. In one visit, he was able to correct my wife's injury and relieve her pain. No Joke!

Dr. David was very thorough in diagnosing and explaining what the injury was and gave us a very detailed explanation of the type of injury, and what he needed to do to correct it.

Beyond his expertise and care as a chiropractor, Dr. David is a kind and honest man. I knew within just a few minutes of talking with him that  he genuinely cares about people and he takes a lot of pride in helping his patients.

My wife and I have had many experiences with many other chiropractors over the past 20 years. Both of us agreed that Dr. David's care was the best we have ever experienced.

The entire visit, from the moment we entered his very humble chiropractic clinic, was a delight.  He is a down-to-earth person who wears his heart on his sleeve.

We are very much looking forward to returning to see Dr. David for regular adjustments.

If you have any questions about our experience with Dr. David Phan and his chiropractic care, please feel free to contact me (via yelp). I'll be happy to share with you in greater detail about our very positive visit to his chiropractic and wellness clinic.

Our visit ended with hugs and smiles. And most importantly a happy and pain free wife! There is nothing worse than watching your loved ones experiencing pain and discomfort. I'm extremely grateful for Dr. Phan and his amazing talents in healing.

Thank you Dr. Phan.! I'm looking forward to our next visit.

Richie & Laura

PS. It was my birthday on the day of my wife's appointment, and Dr. Phan (knowing this) gave me complimentary care (roller-bed and heat) for my back. Does it get any better than this? I think not.

Richard M.

5 StarStar
Professional, Honest and NOT A CROOK!..
There are many Chiropractors that may make you second guess their whole profession. Dr. Phan is the complete opposite. I went in after an auto accident and was pretty skeptical because the Chiropractor I originally went to was just a crook out to get some of the money I could get from my settlement. If you need some advice on treatment after an auto accident, Dr. Phan is more than willing to give you some help, but that's not what he cares about. After the first consultation, I could already tell that he was more interested in my well being then anything else. He's never recommended more treatment than necessary, and hasn't tried to "influence" me to think my injury is worse than it is and I need far more treatment. After a few visits I feel so much more better and I am a true believer in GOOD Chiropractors, such as Dr. Phan. An X-ray revealed I sustained a minor fracture in one of my spine bones. My MD told me that the only thing to do was to ... More »
There are many Chiropractors that may make you second guess their whole profession. Dr. Phan is the complete opposite. I went in after an auto accident and was pretty skeptical because the Chiropractor I originally went to was just a crook out to get some of the money I could get from my settlement. If you need some advice on treatment after an auto accident, Dr. Phan is more than willing to give you some help, but that's not what he cares about. After the first consultation, I could already tell that he was more interested in my well being then anything else. He's never recommended more treatment than necessary, and hasn't tried to "influence" me to think my injury is worse than it is and I need far more treatment. After a few visits I feel so much more better and I am a true believer in GOOD Chiropractors, such as Dr. Phan. An X-ray revealed I sustained a minor fracture in one of my spine bones. My MD told me that the only thing to do was to receive Chiropractic treatment for the symptoms and it's working. I highly recommend David Phan if you want to genuinely feel better and not deal with some of those "Hocus Pocus" Chiropractors.

5 StarStar
went here for a free massage that they offer to yelpers and I was very satisfied. The massage by Joanne was hard and it got all the kinks out. She has tiny hands but know how to apply the right pressure. Definitely worth the trip for the hour massage.
Janet L.

5 StarStar
I just got back from visiting Dr. Phan and going through the first treatment session. I must say that he is very knowledgeable and very friendly. He was willing to work with me on my many limitations and answered all of my questions in a prompt and courteous manner. He is very easy to get along with and did a great job. I felt a hundred times better after I walked out than when I first got there. I would highly recommend him to any and all who have back and neck pains like me and any other injuries.

5 Star
I'm a wedding photographer and that usually puts me on my feet 10+ hours in addition to bending and twisting my body to get the right angles and shots. Needless to say, after any shoot, my back is a mess! I look forward to visiting him to get adjusted. My back feels like a million dollars after the appointment. That is until I go shooting again. I visit him monthly and additionally on an as needed basis.

Dr. Phan is passionate about what he does and is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I realize chiropractors aren't for everybody but in my case, it's a valuable service for my own business.

Highly recommended!
Alfred B.

5 StarStar

So I took advantage of the free massage Dr. Phan offered to Yelpers today. Dr. Phan and Joanna (the massage therapist) are very friendly. The 30 minute massage (from Joanna) was great! The 30 minutes on the roller table massage was relaxing.

Joanna told me about the Thursday Special...60 minute massage followed by 30 minutes on the roller table for $40.  I will be back!

Grace B.

5 StarStar
For the past two months, I have been receiving chiropractic treatments from Dr. Phan on a weekly basis. I was first referred to Dr. Phan from a friend and I now feel that this was the best referral I have ever received. I suffered a neck injury via an accident three years ago and have been going to various physical therapist and chiropractors in hopes of healing my pain and permanently fixing my neck. The common theme I noticed amongst my former chiropractors/therapist is that they try to fix my injury and the results have not been too pleasant with the pain keep reoccurring within the next couple of days. Moreover, I was never able to get along with them in terms of scheduling.

To Dr.Phan's review, he is very kind and knowledgeable chirpractor. He explains to his patients the cause of the problem and discusses the steps needed to be taken in order to cure the problem. He illustrates a  timetable in which he explains the steps needed to be taken in curing the pain. I felt that this was a plus because I feel as though I am more prepared and understand more about my injury and myself. When it comes time to the treatment, he first begins his session by adjusting and cracking the bones to its proper position in order to gain the appropriate muscle memory. I notice that the way he cracks eases my pain and I constantly feel better week in and week out. After the first part of the session, his assistant (very nice young lady) guides the patients to a room where she puts on patches of electric stimulation pads in order to support the healing process of the injury. While receiving the stimulation, I lay on a massage roller bed with heat in order to sooth the muscles and bones.

Dr Phan in my opinion structured his office in a perfect way. His office is located in a well organized building with easy access to the freeways and a huge parking lot. His rates are very reasonable for the services attained from his sessions and he is very beneficial in helping his patients recover more efficiently and always welcomes questions in order for them to better understand their concerns. His expertise is beyond the roof and he has a very fun personality which is a plus for me because I know that when I attend his sessions, I do not have to be stressed out, where as I usually am the type who freaks out when visiting doctors.

I highly recommend Dr Phan to any person who is in need for a chiropractor because he is the best option out there when it comes to treating your body efficiently and effectively.
Sung L.

5 StarStar

Before I went to Dr. Phan I had been to several chiropractors (one who actually wanted me to sign up for a $3k program with him with out even working on me. what a Kook), a massage therapist, and two different acupuncturists. None of these people gave me any lasting relief.  I have  had pain and tightness in my upper left shoulder blade area for about 10 years because of a motorcycle accident. And to this point no one has been able to help me.

I decided to do more research in my local area and found Dr Phan on Yelp and read the many positive reviews. So I decided to try him out. On my first visit he worked on my back  in the specific area of concern and explained generally what was going on and I felt better than I had felt in a long time. He definitely knows how to heal. I'm not 100% but almost in just a few visits.

I also have to mention that Dr. Phan is a multi talented guy, who can rebuild a high performance Lexus engine in his garage at home, he is a black belt in Karate, speaks at least three different languages, and is also a motivational speaker. I must say he is an inspirational person that I tip my hat off to.

Fantastic chiropractor & healer, great communicator, Lots of positive energy .

Swie L.

5 StarStar
was there for the promotional event. Dr. Phan was very nice. The service was very good. I came in 10 min earlier than my appt but I didn't have to wait at all. The therapist was very informative. I learned something new about my body, that was awesome! :)
Evangelyn I.

They recently had a FREE 30 min massage (+30 min on bed) offer for yelpers. I came in today for mine. Even though I was late, Dr. David texted me back saying to still come in anyways. Upon arrival, he immediately took me into the room to lay on the roller table, then Joanna gave me my massage.

Considering it was a free visit, both Joanna and Dr. David were very professional and friendly. Once my funds allow, I'm definitely coming back for a more thorough visit.

5 StarStar

I was in a car accident about a month ago and was seeing a different chiropractor for about a month. It was just 15 mins where the Dr. would just pop a few things and that was it. Then I came down to So Cal and Google to find  another chiropractor down here. Dr. David's name popped up and I went to his site. When I called he answered himself and was able to fit me in that day. When I met him he greeted me with a huge smile. Dr David was also able to figure out what was wrong with me without having to see xrays. He just examined me and knew what was wrong...He actually said the exact same thing as my old chiropractor...tho my old chiro needed xrays to tell him what was wrong. The sessions are much better than my original chiropractor. Dr David would massage my neck and shoulder for about 20 mins and then put me in a massage table with electrolysis for about another 30 mins. I would really recommend Dr David to any one who is looking for a chiropractor.

Sandy L.

5 StarStar
I finally turn Yelp for some help.  My back was killing (severe pain with numbness) me last Sunday around 8 pm at night.  I read some reviews from Google and Yelp so I felt pretty confident about him so I visit his website.  I noticed he offers Urgent Chiropractic Care so I picked up the phone and dial his number (626) 979-1868.  Needless to say, Dr. David answers the phone and he said that he can meet me in the clinic in 20 minutes.  WOW...   Where can find a doctor operating that late on Sunday?  I had 3 choices, Hospital, Urgent Care or Dr. David.  My condition didn't call for Medical Urgent Care, but my pain needed a great chiropractor in my area.  Without wasting time on paper work, he instructed me to print out the new patient intake forms so I can about 15 minutes.  He spent about 10 minutes on the history of my condition and about 15 minutes examining my lower back.  After about 25 minutes, he explained in detail of what I had.  He has great communication skills (he is also a public/motivational speaker too) that he made sure I understand and he put it in simple everyday English.

Dr. David spent around 30 minutes on my painful condition with another 30 minutes on the therapy table with ice, electrical stimulation and roller massage table.  He has a confident touch and knowing exactly what I had.  I was so impress with this skill, knowledge and bed side manner.  After the initial visit I went back for two additional visits and my back is 95% better.  Dr. David has about 12 years of experience treating muscular-skeletal conditions.  I have no reservation referring my family members and friends to his awesome doctor located in Diamond Bar.  Besides being a Doctor, he is very friendly and easy to talk too.  

Dr. David is little of out shape now, but he was very active in the martial arts before he got married.  He taught martial arts at many high schools, junior high and even college.  I know one thing for sure that he can HURT you and HEAL you at the same time.  One think I noticed when I talked in is that Dr. David is a pretty tall and strong Asian man.  I think he is about 5'11" to 6' tall at around 185-195 lbs.  He is the perfect built to be a chiropractor.

Dr. David is definitely my chiropractor for life.

Yup.. a fan and follower.....
Alan Q.

I just recently started turning to Yelp more often to help me look for stuff.  I found my hair stylist on Yelp, who was great so I decided to "Yelp" for a chiropractor since my neck and shoulder had been bugging me and I couldn't sleep.  I didn't find too many chiropractors that had reviews, but I did see one in my area and that he also had a website.  I visited the website and it looked nice so I checked with my insurance to see if he was in my network.  I found a Dr by the same name, but different address so I decided to email Dr. David's office.  I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. David responded to me personally and very quickly!  Especially since I was expecting to hear back from a receptionist/assistant and within a couple of days.  I started emailing back and forth with Dr. David and he always responded so quickly and seemed very nice and caring so I decided to give it a try and made an appointment for the next evening.  (His office is open late on Wednesdays to service working professionals...definitely a plus for me!)

Right when I walked into his practice, he saw me, waved and came out and said hi.  (I've never experienced that since I've always had to wait anywhere from 10-30 min to even see a Dr at other places despite having an appointment.)  I handed my paperwork to the receptionist and Dr. David showed me back to his office right away!  No waiting!  (Which I really appreciated!)  He started asking me questions to learn about me and what I wanted from the session.  He was very personable and friendly and made me feel very comfortable.  He spent a good 25-30 minutes working on my neck, shoulders and back and then put me on the massaging bed for another 30 minutes.  I left feeling better, but the best testament was that I actually slept that night and every night since then!  I highly recommend Dr. David if you're looking for a Dr who cares about his patients.  I look forward to my next session with him!

-Liz N.


I used Yelp to find a chiropractor in short order.  My back was completely out of order, worst it was bothering me for a month. Looked on Yelp at four in the morning after a night of not sleeping. His business popped up with a good review and a web link.  The website really grabbed me.  It was honest and not fluffy like most of this type are.  No promises of rainbows rather information from a person that treats this as a life long work.  

Dr Phan took my appointment first thing in the morning on his day off. Right away his professionalism showed clearly.  The office is situated in a modern office complex, two stories.  Lots of hallways and doors, unassuming.  Dr Phan's door is open awaiting his clients, typically greeted by the assistant.

He has a sort of old fashion type of office for health care, his desk and exam bed are in the same room.  A very simple approach different from the multiplex medical building typical now.  Dr Phan is very proud of his achievements in various endeavors besides his chiropractic practice of over ten years.  He's into the martial arts, various sports, family, and community.  And sports, he'll talk about the mechanical aspects of the sport.  Theories of how the player could improve / make results.  

Immediately he takes a diagnosis of my pain.  There isn't really much time for pleasantries, on my part.  I don't say much when my body's lower portion is twisted up.  A quick check of my condition points out the treatment of which he goes to work.  Loosing up my spine and correcting the pinching nerve.  The relief didn't come quickly, as he pointed out it needs to heal.  A set of electrical stimulus pads we're given to me to use on my back muscles, help me at least sleep at night.  Then I was told how to slowly stretch my spine to correct the herniating disc.  After three days improved mobility.  Now two weeks later I'm about ninety percent.  I still have to go in for a bit more therapy.

Yay, I'm a fan!

-David K.

by Will
I went to see Dr. Phan for a back injury. He was professional and courteous. Most importantly, he really knew what he was doing. My injury improved dramatically after few treatments! I like his straight forward and no BS approach. I would recommend his service to anyone who is looking for a caring chiropractor!
by Brandon
Dr. Phan is an amazing Chiropractor. He's really nice and helpful and he knows what he is doing. If you got into an automobile accident and need a chiropractor, I recommend seeing Dr. Phan.

by new york pizza eater
Great Service. Dr Phan is the best! I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a Chiropractor. His focus on total wellness really makes him stand out from the rest.

by Bryan
Dr. Phan is the best chiropractor I have ever gone to by far. There have been a few chiropractors that I have seen in the past and they don't come close to the way Dr. Phan runs his clinic. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and honest.

Before I had my first treatment with him, I reviewed his website ( and thought that it was very well organized and informative. He is very experienced and there is no one I would go to other than him.

I also had a massage from the masseuse Danilla and she does a great job in working on my body.

I look forward to every treatment and I leave feeling great. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for a chiropractor or a massage.
by rich @ pcars
Recently, I had a severe case of upper backache that limited my arms and head movements. After 2 treatments with Dr. Phan, I was 100% better. Highly recommended for all your Chiropractic needs.
by Stephen P
Dr. Phan is more than just a professional chiropractor, he is also a knowledgeable friend. He spends amount of time to take care of his patients. During the treatment, not only my pain was being taken care of, but I'd also learned a lot from him.
by bigboy
I had several incidents of back pain and throughout the years I have seen David and he has treated me and also healed me of my pain. I recommend his service and knowledge. Thanks Dr. Phan!
by John
Dr. Phan was very professional. I had minor back pains, and he spent the right amount of time to relieve it. I would recommend DR. Phan to everyone!
by Dawn
I highly recommend Dr. Phan. His knowledge and professionalism makes him a great doctor, but his interest in you as an individual is what makes him genuine. I was completely impressed with the amount of time he spends with his patients. It truly shows how much he cares. And in just one visit you will feel the difference
by AY
Dr Phan is a caring, professional and wonderful doctor. He likes to spend time with his patients and he has a genuine heart for the good of his patients. He just loves what he does.
by Jamesn
Dr. Phan is very professional, friendly and would take personal care of you. Very highly recommended.
by JC
Very friendly and personal care. Highly recommended.
by vincent_leung4022
Dr. David is the one you needed. I can't find any better than him. He is not only professional, but also he is very friendly. I would recommend him to be a friend also. I had already recommended to all my friend.

by TonyN
Made an appointment with highly recommended Dr. Phan, arrived and was promptly taken in for my adjustment. Dr. Phan was very informative and offered lots of knowledge to what he was doing. I highly recommend him for any chiropractic work and is my new favorite adjuster! Thank you!!
by audionthusiast
I've had a chance to visit Dr. David and I'm very impressed with how he treats his clients with professionalism, sincerity, and knowledge. I'd recommend him to anyone.
by james81379
Nice facility, friendly people. Dr Phan really knows what he's doing. Can't get any better than this. Highly recommended.