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Need some R&R but don't want to pay for professional services and can't afford the real massage?  We have the answer for you.  We have two of the
Chattanooga Ergowave Intersegmental Traction Tables.  Each table comes with moist heat.  We can offer 60 minutes of roller table with heat for just $20.  No appointment needed, just drop by and take a nice 60 minutes of heaven on earth.  Moist heat combined with soft music on the Chattanooga wave like pattern.  You literally feel like you are flowing on ocean water.  Yes, it is that good!

Chattanooga Ergowave Table
All areas of the patient's spine are covered with true intersegmental traction repeating every 13 seconds.  The rollers are mounted on three axles to isolate lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions.  A gas spring makes roller height adjustments quick and easy.  The ErgoWave roller pattern travels up the spine like a wave of soothing relief. Sleek European lines will complement any office decor.  A high-quality motor allows for almost silent operation without annoying vibrations.


Note: This is an unsupervised therapy