Do Cell Phones Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

For cell phone use to protect against Alzheimer’s disease in these mice, the mice needed to be exposed to them starting in early adulthood. In this study, the mice were exposed to cell phones for two hours each day over a period of eight months starting as young adults.

Does It Protect Humans Against Alzheimer’s Disease Too?


Although this study is promising, results seen in mice aren’t always replicated in humans. The mice were exposed to electromagnetic waves in a way that’s different than the exposure humans receive when they talk on a cell phone. An antenna that generated cell phone waves was placed next to their cage – so they received whole body exposure. Humans don’t get this degree of body exposure when they use a cell phone. This study was also done in a controlled setting while humans live in a more complex, less controlled environment.


The Risks of Cell Phone Use Long Term Isn’t Completely Known


Despite these interesting results suggesting that cell phone use protects against Alzheimer’s, it’s probably not a good idea to increase cell phone use. The risk of cell phone exposure still isn’t fully known since they haven’t been in widespread use for very long; but it could offer some hope that the electromagnetic waves from cell phones could be used to reverse some of the devastating memory loss seen in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

There’s been concern over the years that using cell phones could pose health risks. These handy miracles of technology that most Americans can’t live without have been blamed for causing cancer, headaches, dizziness, and a multitude of other symptoms which, as of yet, remain unproven.  Home 


A thirty year study just completed in Scandinavia showed no association between cell phone use and brain tumors which is reassuring to a nation of people who find themselves increasingly dependent on them. Now, surprising new research shows that cell phones could actually have some health benefits - with announcement of the unexpected news that using cell phones could protect against Alzheimer’s disease.


Do Cell Phones Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease?


Researchers recently made the surprising finding that mice genetically predisposed to develop Alzheimer’s disease enjoyed protection against Alzheimer’s disease when they were exposed to cell phones from a young age. When early cell phone exposure occurred, they didn’t develop the memory changes characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease and actually performed as well on tests as old mice with completely normal brains.

Even more surprising, older mice that already had the beta-amyloid plaques characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease showed reversal of their brain plaques as well as improved memory when they were exposed to cell phones.