Diabetics Contact Lenses

Painless Blood Sugar Testing: Other Options


Contact lenses that check a diabetic’s sugar levels isn’t the only product being developed to make checking a blood sugar pain-free. A product called GlucoTrack is in the works which is a small device that clips to the ear. Once this small device is in place, electromagnetic waves are fired into the blood vessels on the surface of the ear while special sensors use heat and sound to measure a diabetic’s sugar levels. This is all done without the use of lancets and is completely pain-free.


Painless Blood Sugar Testing: Other Tips for Making Blood Sugar Checks Less Painful


Until these new technologies become more widely available, there are some simple ways to make blood sugar checks less painful. Buying a meter that’s designed to use a smaller sample of blood means you don’t have to pierce so deeply with the lancet. This allows you to adjust the settings on your lancing device to pierce more superficially. It’s also helpful to vary the fingers you use, so you aren’t poking the same general area repeatedly.


The bottom line? Hopefully, these new technologies will make painless blood sugar testing a reality. Until then, be brave and keep checking your blood sugars regularly.

Diabetics know how important it is to check their blood sugars frequently. Knowing their blood sugar level allows them to make the appropriate diet and exercise adjustments needed to keep blood sugars in their optimal range. Why is this so important? Keeping diabetic glucose levels as normal as possible helps to reduce the risk of diabetic complications such as diabetic eye, kidney, and nerve disease – as well as the greatest risk to diabetics – heart disease.  


Unfortunately, checking blood sugar levels has traditionally involved using a lancet to pierce the skin to get blood – a process that most people find painful. Since most diabetics check their blood sugars four times a day, fingers can quickly become red and sore. Fortunately, there is some new technology on the horizon that could allow painless blood sugar testing.  Home 


Painless Blood Sugar Testing: It’s All in the Eyes


A new technology is being developed by a professor at the University of Western Ontario that could make doing a blood sugar check completely pain-free. This involves embedding tiny nanoparticles into hydrogel contact lenses that are placed into the eyes. The nanoparticles present in the lenses react with glucose in tears leading to a reaction that causes a visible color change. By observing the change in color, a blood sugar level check can be obtained painlessly any time of day.