What Type of Back Pain do I have?

My back hurts all the time and worst at night.  This is a red flag when you experience this type of pain.  The next question you need to ask yourself would be does it hurt when I change position or it hurt even I was not changing my sleep position.  Pain during change of position means the pain was generated by either from the muscles or tendons.  However, if pain occur at night regardless of movement then further investigation is call for.  Accompany with some weight loss and lack energy is something we are very caution about.  X-ray and advance imaging is necessary to rule out any type of cancer.  The destruction of bone tissue will have dull/deep pain and pain is worst at night.  You also want to check if you have any family member with a history of cancer.


My back hurt so much I can't even walk and I also see my spine crooked.  It hurts when I sneeze and cough.  I also have some numbness to my leg.  Sound like a severe condition for sure.  This is a common back for people around 20-40 years old.  If you have severe pain and your spinal is crooked and some numbness to your leg or pain shoot down from your back to your thigh and or leg.  You sound like you have a lumbar disc herniation.  There are few grade of herniation and it will present different symptoms and severity.  Numbness is due to the disc touch the sciatic nerve.  Layman term would be sciatica.  I once had a patient with this condition and the pain was 10 out of 10 and she couldn't even able to walk.  She had to craw to the restroom.  That is how disabling this condition can be.



There are many types of back pain and if you are not sure which one you have, contact our office and make an important appointment.  Life is too short to live with back pain!  This article was intended to give you some common lower back pain.  You should see a professional if you have above conditions.

There are literally 30-40 causes of lower back pain.  It has been documented that 80% of our population have severe ower back pain at least once in their lifetime.  When will be your turn?  Bad pain is nothing more then a signal telling you something is wrong.  Some is just not right.  Something you have been neglect for a while and now the symptoms surface.  Back pain range from minor aches to severe disabling.  When I talk to people with severe lower back pain, they would do anything to get rid of it for good.  Here are some situation that you might able to relate.  Home

I feel the pain when I walk more then 10-15 minutes.  I also feel the pain with prolong standing or shopping at the mall.  This is a very classical signs and symptoms of a lower back condition called Facet Syndrome.  This condition normally occur with married people (Married people tend to be little over weight and out of shape)  With weakness of the stomach muscles, the pelvic tend to tilt forward creating pressure and irritation to the posterior area of the vertebrates.  This occur main in the lumbar L4, L5 and S1 area.  The weight bearing create friction between vertebrates and dull achy pain is the result.  Patient with age of 50-65, some numbness might occur.  This is due to some bone spur formation from long standing facet irritation.

My back hurts when I get up from a chair.  This is another common problem with people with a desk job.  Prolong sitting tend to cause our heavy body to slouch and stretch our spinal.  This is important especially excessive stretching of the interspinous ligament.  Prolong stretching will cause inflammation and inflammation will create pain.  That is why getting off a chair hurts.  This is mainly to due active range of motion. When you get up, you will be using posterior paraspinal muscles and that will active the interspinous ligament and pain is the result.