How to raise Smart and Healthy Children

There are mechanical receptors located in our joints.  These receptors provide a sense of proprioception. It is the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. 

So how do we go about activating these stimuli?  EXERCISE! Yes, exercises will activate these receptors. So besides being a bookworm, it is also important that your child can get some types of gross movement exercises. Proper brain stimulation can cure many brain diseases, including ADD and ADHD. It can also slow down aging and increase longevity. 

So the one question concerned parents always ask is, “Why is stimulation important in my child’s development?” Brain cells develop from stimulation. The more stimulation the brain cells get, the more they multiply. The more they multiply the more axonal connections they make and this sets the fundamental foundation for brain function and intelligence. You might not notice that, but your brain uses your physical body to express itself. When you are sad and depressed, your body will exhibit it. When you are happy, your smiles cannot be hidden. If the brain is using the body to express its state, then the health of our brain can be affected by how we develop our body physically. The above six senses are our way to control and activate our brain. Through this pathway, we can help our children develop from inside out. 

Another question I frequently encounter is, “When should I start this Stimulation Program?” The answer is the sooner the better! The longer you wait the less stimulation your child will receive for early development. Thus, it is extremely important for your child to start receiving at least some proper and constructive stimulation before the age of 5. During the first five years of their lives, the brain develops most rapidly. 


That’s why I like to tell other fathers that they can always make more money, but they can never make up lost time. We only have a relatively short period of time to provide positive influences to our children. Once the window of opportunity is past, there is no turning back. So remember to enjoy your children every moment of the day, and cherish your time with them. Childhood is only a few blinks away.


The term “time flies” is a cliché, yet it is so true. Our children grow up so fast. In a blink, they grow from a crawler to a walker, from pre-school to high school. With a few more blinks, they are in college. Can we afford to miss any blinks? 

I remember vividly carrying my little daughter home from the hospital.  It seemed like yesterday, but she is already almost eight years old now.  Since time goes by so fast, how can we influence our next generation and  leave a legacy in their lives? We the parents need to seal the opportunity and try our best to influence our children positively. If we don’t, someone else will. We cannot afford to let our media, our public school system nor the internet become our children’s mentor and role model. 

I would like to share with you a method to raise smart and healthy kids, which is slightly unorthodox, but at the same time makes perfect sense. As a typical Asian family, the main focus would be academic development. But learning is not merely reading or doing arithmetic.  True learning comes from all senses. All of the sensory inputs combine to create a picture, a word or a concept in our children’s brain. For example, this is the way to learn about an APPLE with all five senses.  Home


• 1st - Smell (Olfactory): Ask your child smell and enjoy the aroma.

• 2nd - Touch (tactile): Ask your child to feel the texture, inside and outside.

• 3rd - Taste (gustation): This is the best part! The actual eating and tasting of an apple.

• 4th - Hearing (Auditory): Ask your child to tap on the apple. Does it sound hollow or solid?

• 5th - See (visual): Ask your child to observe the apple before taking a bite. All of the above sensory inputs play a role in the stimulation of the brain cells. Each sense affects a different part of the brain. All five senses together enhance learning and brain development.

Beside the five basic senses, I would like to introduce the sixth sense our body uses to integrate with learning. This is the most powerful stimulation among all. The sixth sense has to do with mechanical stimulation.