The Problem of Cadmium in Children's Jewelry

Exposure to cadmium increases the risk of kidney disease and bone loss and elevates the risk for some types of cancer - possibly by damaging the immune system. It also causes reproductive problems. Even more disturbing is the fact that once cadmium enters the body, it remains there and there’s very little that can be done to remove it. The effects of cadmium poisoning may be even greater in children due to their faster rate of growth.


How to Avoid the Dangers of Cadmium in Children’s Jewelry


The only real way to avoid the dangers of cadmium in children’s jewelry is to avoid buying inexpensive costume jewelry for children. Although not all costume jewelry contains cadmium, it’s very difficult to know which does and which doesn’t.

Some costume jewelry that doesn’t have cadmium may be a source of lead – another toxic metal that children are vulnerable to. When you want to buy a piece of children’s jewelry, buy sterling silver or gold. It may cost more, but isn’t your child’ health worth the extra price?


A recent news report revealed that many Chinese jewelry manufacturers who import jewelry into this country are substituting cadmium for lead when they make children’s jewelry. Some of this tainted jewelry has made its way into stores that sell discounted goods such as the dollar stores, Claire’s Boutique, and Walmart. Consumers may be unknowingly exposing their child to heavy metal poisoning when they buy this jewelry.  Home



The Problem of Cadmium in Jewelry: What is Cadmium?


Cadmium is a heavy metal used in the production of other metals such as zinc. It’s commonly found in batteries, some plastics, paints, metal coloring solutions, and metal solder. It’s also present in very small amounts in the soil – especially near sites where toxic waste has been dumped - and adjacent to roads that have been exposed to the exhaust fumes from cars. Smoking cigarettes and eating foods grown in soils that have cadmium are another source of exposure. Cadmium is being used less often in the manufacture of products in this country because of its toxicity.


The Dangers of Cadmium: What are the Health Effects?