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Dr. David Phan has been blessed by so many in his path to become who he is at this moment of his life.  He is living a purpose driven life and he is using his given talents to help others.  There are many ways people can help people in our community.  Some have money and they donate money.  On another hand people with time will donate time.  Lastly, people with talents will donate talents.  Dr. David is in the last category.  He has a very busy practice.  However, he still finds time to donate to people in his community.  During his 11 years of practice, he had sponsored over few dozen of patients.  He challenges any professional to share their time and expertise to help people in their community.  Here is a special patient that is currently sponsor.

Blake Browning:
Blake was referred by his care-taker.  When his care-taker mentioned this tragic story, Dr. David immediately offer to help without hesitation.  A week later, Blake and his parents were in our office and details of treatment were discussed.  Blake were seen in our office once a week since early February of 2009.  No promise was made, but Dr. David used his knowledge in functional neurology, skills, talents and 11 years of experience to help this wonderful young man.  Initially, Blake had no lower extremity movement.  He has very strong upper body flexor muscles with almost no upper body extensors movement.  After few weeks of neurologic based treatments, we noticed Blake was able to extend his triceps.  No promises but huge delivery.  We are seeing micro improvements weekly from Blake's treatment.  We have high hope for this great young man and we are blessed to be placed in a role to facilitate his road to recovery.  Here is Blake's Story.