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Special Program Offer by Our Clinic

As being a chiropractor for 13 years and with decades of experience in the martial arts along with my education in Exercise Physiology, I finally come up with this basic but yet important program for the middle age and older or athletes.  I see conditions daily in my office and majority of them are caused by lack of flexibility.  Inflexibility creates many neuromuscular diseases and now I would like to create this unique program just to address inflexibility and prevention of physical diseases.  Flexibility can enhance your swing in golf or improve a football kicker yardage.  Increase flexibility will get you out of many painful conditions.

 Here are the benefit of Stretching:

I have so many patients asked me the same question over and over again.  Would exercise benefit me?  Would Yoga benefit my condition? The answer would be depends.  Not all exercise is good for you and not all yoga moves are beneficial.  Each program we prescribe would be specific to your needs and your goal.  Our therapists are certified by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).  With our experience in this field we can definitely will help you to achieve your goals. 

This program should be covered by your PPO insurance.  However, we also offer a cash discount for this special yet unique program that no other clinic have.  Our session usually 60 minutes in length and all stretches are specific to your goals.  Please call us and make an important appointment 626-979-1868.